Vogue Living is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through the kitchenware and food products we cater to the consumers. We recognize that the quality of life of today's families has been compromised because of the demanding lifestyle they lead.

With versatile cookware and dinnerware, you will save more time and minimize inconvenience that arises in the kitchen. Just use one ware to prepare, cook and serve food and serve even to impress your very special guests.

Our products will help add the extra convenience and joy to cooking and satisfy consumer needs for nutritious food and snack. These elements are geared toward improving the quality of life which stems from our belief that "A Modern & Healthy Lifestyle Start at Home".


Established in 1993 as a member of the Purple Group of Companies, Vogue Living Limited markets a wide range of premium wares and appliances for the kitchen as well as an immense variety of food products.

We are the sole importer & distributor in Thailand for Pyrex bakeware, Corelle dinnerware, Corningware & Visions cookware, Bialetti coffee makers and finum tea equipment’s among other products sold at all major department stores throughout the country. Consumers can now find our products available online and at major specialty stores.

We also have exclusive distributorship of various food and snack & confectionery products ranging from Arrighi Italian pasta, Danish Selection fruitspead from Denmark, Filippo Berio olive oil, pesto and balsamic vinegar from Italy, Nature’s Best quality chestnut from China, Sante healthy products in various categories from muesli, granola, crunchy bars and crispbread from Poland and Selva, Turkish pasta. The range also expands to cover snack and confectionery of many kinds namely Choco P&N, Solo and SoSof, the three brands of cake products from Vietnam, Crispy chocolate for kids, Dainichi Japanese rice cracker snacks, jollijelli jelly products in fun format from China, Marshies marshmallow from the Philippines, New Choice quality cup jelly from Taiwan, ShoyueMi Japanese noodle snack, Tango chocolate, Tatawa cookies and Win2 wafer roll from Malaysia. Our quality products are widely distributed through wholesalers, convenient stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and general retail stores nationwide. We also supply our products to HORECA channels and industrial food processors and manufacturers.

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